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Spotlight on Jamie

Thank God for the chilly days here in the Philippines! I get giddy every time the rainy days here in our country is coming because its the only time when you can put up your cozy sweaters and layer clothes. But if you’re always in an air-conditioned environment, lucky you! That doesn’t apply to you.

Well, thanks to Nick Pahati too for allowing me to bother him for a very quick photo shoot last week when I visited Naga for some errands. This was shot at a park in Naga that I don’t know the name of. There was a mini skate park and swings that I enjoyed. Some photos actually looked like I’m in Baguio for some reasons. Mehe~

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"In The Bohemian Side" #pun :3



I was supposed to go full bohemian on my outfit because of the lovely bohemian accessories I received from Amethyst Superb and The Green Tea Enthusiast Shop, but decided to go indie instead, because of my urge to wear black tights again. It’s kind of my thing now. High-waist shorts + black tights + platform shoes. Have you noticed on my outfits this past few months? :)


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I’ve been obsessed with the Japanese fashion ever since I discovered on Facebook a while back. It’s a site that features street fashion in Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku and others. I browse through it religiously and I’d say that Japanese OOTDS never fails to surprise and amaze me. I think Japan has the most innovative fashion. Tokyo has a lot of different fashion styles, cultures, subcultures, and it really interests me.

I’ve seen Japanese fashion in my own pair of eyes when I went there last April. I just fell in love with the country! Everywhere, there’s arts and fashion. It’s like food to my eyes to them sparkle. *u*


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An avid-reader friend of mine recently told me that she already misses the girly kawaii me. If you’re an old reader of Spotlight on Jamie, you would know that I used to wear a lot of pinks, skirts, bows, and all that girly stuff. However, after some mood changes and a little bit of ageing, my style shifted to shades of red and black and edgy stuff. But don’t get me wrong. I still love kawaii stuff, and you would notice that I’d still put a hint of cuteness on my outfits, like kawaii socks and accessories.


So recently, I’ve decided to wear something girly because honestly, I’m missing it too! And I’ve got loads of kawaii stuff in my closet just waiting for me to get worn!


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It’s been a while since I last blog an outfit post! I’ve been trying new things like lifestyle and food blogging (which I apparently haven’t blogged all yet), and I’m honestly enjoying it. Because, uhh.. FOOD! Haha just kidding. And apparently, I don’t have a photographer here in my hometown, so yeah. Expect more of this background on my outfit posts in this blog.

This is what I wore on the grand opening of Bigg’s Diner in our hometown. I got invited to participate as one of their bloggers. You can read all about it here.

I don’t really know what to wear on these kind of events. I thought of wearing something blogger-ish casual, but not over the top. Striking but still comfy, so I can move around to cover the event. And here’s what I’ve decided to wear!

printed muscle tee from Romwe.


10 Notes | Posted on July 18, 2014

Another out of this world shoot with my good friend, Paul Echano. We shot this at a small rock island in Bicol. Yes, I conquered my fear of riding boats for this. For the love of photography and blogging! Haha kidd! I’ve been wanting to wear this outfit for a long time now, but if I knew that the place would be this magical (it’s like we’re in Jeju island), I’d wear a more appropriate outfit! Haha but I also wanted to break the mainstream island outfits, and we wanted to wear our matching sporty striped socks, so yeah.. talk about being eccentric~

More than the shoot, I actually enjoyed just sitting and enjoying the wind on my face and the beautiful view. We were actually lucky to get a view of the sunset while we’re on the boat ride to home. It was breathtaking..


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I am catching up! So many backlogs. So lazy me… Somebody please save me from watching TV shows and Kdramas! lol I’ve been spending most of my summer at home because ugh, it’s so freakin’ hot outside, don’t you think? But hey! I already have a plan to end my summer right! Have you heard of the Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup @ Kaogma Festival 2014? It’s going to happen this May 31st at the Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur. 

Photo from

So yeah, I decided to do this backlog today. My recent Tumblr Meetup, the Febibig 2014! As I’ve blogged before, I announced that I’d have my very first blogger talk in this event! Ahh~! It was awesome. It felt like I’m a legit blogger. lol 

I’ve had a talk about fashion blogging along with my lovely A-Fash sisters, Danica on Unbreakable Style and Didi of Frances and Flair. And in this photo, we’re with Sam of The Clothes Freak also, A-Fash and one of the organizers of the event too! Danica talked about styling, Didi about Posing 101, and me about blogging!

(I forgot to remove my Tumblr name tag lol /Hello I’m Jamie, my Tumblr is jamielouborile! Haha/)

I wasn’t able to take much photos of the event because my DSLR gave up on my on the same day. We’d spent lots of awesome years together. But maybe it’s really time to say goodbye to her already. *sobs* (yes I gave my DSLR a gender lol) I was really planning to buy a new one anyway. Heh~ So yeah, I just asked my photographer friend, Jan Keifer, to take my outfit photos! Thanks Keif!

So here’s what I wore. Something striking but not over the top, stylish but still comfy! In meet-ups like this, it would be nice to wear an always-ready-for-a-photograph outfit, but do not forget to make it as comfy as possible because you’d be expecting games that would require physical activities in this kind of events. 

Top: Bloggers United 6 | Shorts, Bag & Platforms: Thrifted | Hat: SM Accessories | Socks: F21

So excited for the next Tumblr meetup! Are you guys coming too? Let’s end summer and have a blast together! Provincial Capitol Grounds. May 31. 1PM… Game?! ;)

Read more about the Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup 2014 here.


Photos taken by Jan Keifer Jaim 

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Let’s all take a long, deep breathe for this majestic photo taken by the ”astig,” Nick Pahati. loljk =)) 

*sigh* When I first saw this picture, I nearly cried! Hahaha. Can’t believe this photo was just taken in my hometown, my favorite Bagasbas beach, to be exact! So breathtaking..

I mean, look at that awesome reflection~!!! *eyes sparkle*

This is what I wore on the first day of our Date in Daet 2014. Have you seen my post about that already? You better do if you want to know more about this beautiful place that I’m in! 

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Oh yeah, summer is on! Been crying in the corner since I got back from my out of the country vacay because of the unbearable heat! The sudden change of temperature shocked me. Haha! I can’t seem to enjoy this summer that much. Summer meant break from school work for me before. But now that I finished school, summer just kept on reminding me that I am unemployed and not being productive. Heehee~ But yea, it’s a start of a new month and we all should start being productive too!!!





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